A - a

Anil   propn. Anil. Anth: A man's name.

Anita   propn. Anita. Anth: A woman's name.

Asam   prop.n. Assam. Note: name of a state in northeastern India

-a   mod. 2.Pl.

a   v. come.

a   v. V2.

-a   gram. Nmlzr.

-a   gram. Caus.

aba   n. father.

adhunikta   n. modernity.

age   postp. before/in.front.of.

age   adv. previously.

agʌst   propn. August. Anth: English loanword

aha   v. Cop.Prs.2.Pl.

ahe   v. Cop.Prs.3.Sg.

ahis   v. Cop.Prs.2.Sg.

ahõ   v. Cop.Prs.1.Sg.

ahʌẽ   v. Cop.Prs.3.Pl.

aig   n. fire.

aij   adv. today.

aijkail   adv. nowadays. Anth: From aij 'today' and kail 'yesterday'

air   n. ridge. Anth: E.g. around a field

aja   n. paternal.grandfather.

aji   n. grandmother. Note: father's mother

akhir   n. end.

-al   tns.pers. Prs.2.Pl.

an   v. bring.

anusʌr   postp. according.to.

aphʌit   n. difficulty.

arʈs   propn. arts(faculty). Anth: English loan word

asirwad   n. blessing.

aspas   adv. approximately.

ayo   n. mother.

ãgna   n. courtyard.